There are some things in the game that are fun to have – like Covert Ops Cloaking Devices or advanced weaponry.

The Covert Ops Cloaking Device

But, eventually, everyone wants to get the big, fancy stuff – like the Tier 2 or even the named ships that are so extremely expensive and time consuming to acquire. But, what exactly does it take to get all the materials needed for Tier 2 items in EVE Online? How much EVE Isk do you need? It can be quite a bit. Some players even decide that it’s better buy cheap EVE Isk.

How to Get a Tier 2 Ship

To start with, you’ll need a Blue Print. Because Blue Prints are no longer available in the game, you need to buy one for a huge sum of EVE Online Isk from a fellow player. They can go for as little as 1 billion and as much as 100 billion EVE Online Isk. It really depends on who you are trading with and which Blue Print you’re trying to buy.

Second, you need to get the materials. You’ll need a huge amount of ore – the kind will vary depending on the Blue Print. But, you can know for a fact that the ore you need will either cost a lot of EVE Isk through trading, will require you to go out and farm in low security zones for long periods of time – something that is costly on its own terms and extremely dangerous, or will need you to find a good source where you can buy EVE Online Isk from.

Finally, you need to refine your ore and get your other materials, even more tasks that cost a great deal of EVE Online Isk and will take a long period of time.

Time and EVE Isk Cost

In the end, it will take anywhere from a week to a month to farm up everything you need to buy your Tier 2 materials and ship. And beyond that, you’ll need to spend billions upon billions of EVE Online Isk to get it. To be sure, the ship is well worth the investment, but the time it takes to get what you need is so extensive that all but the most dedicated players will bend under the pressure and take far longer than they would like.

On the flip side, it can be much easier to just buy cheap EVE Isk and save hours and hours of your time – fast forwarding to the point where you can just buy the materials and land whatever ships and upgrades you want. The options are plentiful – just be sure you are prepared if you decide to farm EVE Isk instead of buying it. You’ll need lots of time.