hots gameplay

Have you ever imagined Raynor is shooting at Diablo? while Arthas is dueling with Tyrael?

Now many notable characters from Blizzards are teamed up t defense their mainland and destroy enemy’s.


HotS doesn’t call itself MOBA game but called heroes brawler. You can select your favorite heroes from Blizzard’s universe and fight other heroes while trying to destroy it. You can play many heroes like Arthas the Lich King, Jim Raynor a rebellious force, or Tyrel the Archangel.


Those who are Blizzard fan will surely love this game, as this game is quite different from other famous MOBA like DotA2 and League of Legend. The first hilight is no gold farming and buying items. Blizzard emphasizes that player will purely rely on the teamwork. However, MOBA veteran still needs to learn how to play from thisĀ, their past experience can hardly adapt to this game.


Want to play this hero brawler? go log in your battle net account and apply for beta.